Benefits to seller

What are the benefits of being a Seller?


Voetstoots – your property is sold as it stands, no comebacks after the sale.


Auctions create urgency – cut off date creates fear of loss.


You are protected – you specify the minimum selling price “reserve price”.


Focused marketing campaign – maximize the exposure of your property to the right target market.


Cash offers – all offers received on auction are non-suspensive i.e. not subject to finance or any other subject to clauses.

Saves money – quick disposal reduces long term carrying cost, including rates & taxes and maintenance.

Real purchasing power – auctions attract cash and pre-qualified buyers that have the means and the desire to purchase property.


Results in 3 weeks – focused marketing campaign over a 3 week period achieves rapid results.

No commission payable by Seller – the winning bidder pays the Auctioneer`s fee which is 10% over and above the final bid amount.

Creates competitive bidding – assurance that the property will be sold at the true market value and often resulting in a sale that exceeds your expectations.

Deposit is paid – A firm deposit of 10% is paid on the fall of the hammer and guarantees for the balance delivered within 21 working days after acceptance of the offer.

Total transparency – no hidden clauses and the transparent process of a public auction ensures a fair and open process for all.