Why Auction?

The Auction platform has gained substantial credibility as one of the fastest and most efficient ways of selling real estate. Property Auctions are fast becoming the first choice in disposing of property in South Africa.

Why sell on auction?

According to an FNB estate agency survey, the average time it takes to sell residential property is about 17 weeks. The average time it takes to sell residential property via the Auction platform is just 3 weeks!
The South African residential property market has for decades being dominated by traditional real estate agents, but the success of the sale was controlled by the banks. The banks determine the approval of the sale and too often deals fall through due to banks declining the finance.
Most offers received through conventional estate agencies are subject to a bond being approved by a financial institution. All offers received on Auction are non-suspensive i.e. offers are not subject to the buyer obtaining finance. These conditions makes the platform even more appealing.
When partnering with Property Auction House (Pty) Ltd to sell your property you are assured of good quality service and a transparent approach. Our ethical business conduct ensures that we only take saleable properties and not promising you unrealistic prices.
Our professional approach, focused marketing campaign and the competitive environment of the Auction platform provides you with the knowledge that the best possible price for your property will be realised. So why wait, sell your property today without all of the hassle, sell your property through us.
Property Auction House